Knowing whether the use of emojis in a Sales context can be difficult. That awkward balance of professional vs personable. We recently introduced emojis to the functionality of SalesSeek and we now have the whole team using them.

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I know I have asked myself the question before: ‘should I include an emoji in this email I’m sending?’ On one hand, it conveys context of emotion; exactly why emojis have been created. On the other, what if the recipient doesn’t approve? Could the single use of a smiley damage a professional relationship? Personally, I think not.

“Emoji, stickers and much more will spread through all aspects of our digital lives as they support complex human communication needs that have evolved over thousands of years.”

We are getting more and more used to communicating using chat apps. This is true for internal teams and external customer communications. It’s fast and efficient and gets people what they need, when they need it. The trick is getting that tone of voice across. What might seem genuine and authentic to one person could be patronising and condescending to another. The use of Emojis in written communication can confirm to the reader your exact intentions, or at least in can clarify the tone.

preview of emoji series in medium

In our latest Medium Series we explore the use of Emojis in sales emails. Tim Hampson writes from his experience discussing this topic with the internal SalesSeek team, seeing how people feel about the way we’re progressing in our external communications.

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